The 2nd PANDA Symposium on Multi-messenger Astronomy:
                 - Jets and shocks in the Universe

April 22 - 26, 2013, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China

29 December 2012       registration opens
29 December 2012       abstract submission opens
10 March 2013       abstract submission deadline
14 April 2013       final program
15 February 2013       end of early registration

PANDA Symposia series are aiming at establishing and fostering collaborations among young post doctoral fellows (0-6 years from graduation) from the Pacific/Asiatic scientific community with their peers across the globe. Besides enabling scientific mobility and networking, we are also aiming in providing young researchers with a forum to exchange ideas on current and future projects.

The First PANDA Symposium was a great success. 23 astrophysicists from 9 foreign countries attended, as well as 78 astrophysicists from China. The Symposium was an outstanding international forum for discussion of various topics related to “Products of Astrophysical Outflows”, and addressed some of the most exciting research frontiers of high energy astrophysics. It provided many opportunities for Chinese researchers and advanced students to become acquainted with leaders in these fields and to present their own research results to an international audience.

The Second PANDA Symposium will focus on multi-messenger Astronomy, which combines detections of electromagnetic signals from astrophysical sources with high energy neutrinos, cosmic ray (particle) astrophysics and gravitational waves.

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