Location of the conference

  The meeting will be held during the week of April 22-26, 2013, in the world famous historical City of Xi’an, located in Shanxi province, China. The weather in Spring should be pleasant, and giving the participants an opportunity to extend their stay to visit the many famous and popular historical and archeological sites near the city or other parts of China. We will arrange for a one-day tour during the middle of the meeting and help to make arrangements for more extensive touring packages after the meeting.


  • Xianyang International  Airport : Xianyang International  Airport is  47 kilometres northwest of Xi'an city centre, and 13 kilometres north of the city of Xianyang. Buses and taxis are available between the airport and Xi'an city centre. It  offers chartered airplane service.

  • Xi'an Railway Station: Xi'an Railway Station is located in the center position of Xi'an city. There are good transport facilities.

Conference venue

The 2nd PANDA Symposium will be held at Xi'an Grand New World Hotel, located near the east side of  the old city wall Yuxiangmen [map].

Transportation to the conference hotel

Transportation from Xi'an train station to Grand New World Hotel is convenient. It costs no more than 20 CNY ($3)/taxi.

Transportation from Xi'an Xianyang Airport to your hotel:

 (1) By taxi: You can get a taxi right outside the arrival terminals. It is about 56 km from the airport to the Grand New World Hotel. The fare is about $20 USD. If you take the Taxi to the Hotel, please show the following tag ① to the taxi driver.

(2) Airport shuttle bus: You can also take airport shuttle bus from the airport to the Zhonglou terminal bus station, getting off at Yuxiangmen station. The fare is 25 CNY (~$3.5 USD). Then you can take taxi to the Grand New World Hotel. The fare is about 10 CNY (~$1.5 USD). If you take the airport shuttle bus to the Zhonglou terminal, please show the following tag ② to the airport staff or any one nearby you. When you get off at Yuxiangmen station, you need to take taxi to the Grand New World Hotel, please show the tag ① to the taxi driver.

(3) Special cars: Special cars from the Airport to the Grand New World Hotel are arranged. The guests of the meeting can take the cars directly with free charge. It will be available between 9:00 am and 22:00 on 21 April. There will be guiders at the Poster of  the 2nd PANDA Symposium at the airport exit.

Download and print the following words in PDF

If you take taxi, please show this to the taxi driver

① 请送我到位于西安市玉祥门东侧莲湖路上的古都新世界大酒店

Please take me to Xi'an Grand New World Hotel at Lianhu Road , near the east side of Yuxiangmen.

If you take airport shuttle bus, please show this to the airport or any one near by you.

② 请告诉我,在哪里乘终点为西安市钟楼的民航班车

Please tell me where the airport shuttle bus to Zhonglou is.





IHEP, Beijing, China