1. Senior Lecturers : (Updated)

1)    Alice Harding - Theory of High Energy Sources I

2)    Matthew Baring – Theory of High Energy Sources II

3)    Isabelle Grenier – High Energy sources (observations)

4)    Yves Gallant - Results from TeV astronomy

5)    Luke Drury – Particle Acceleration Mechanisms

6)    Tom Paul Cosmic Rays (Auger)

7)    Albrecht Karle   neutrinos

8)    Mansi Kasliwal – Palomar Transient Factory (PTF)

9)    John Carpenter – Submm Astronomy (ALMA & CCAT)

10)    Bruce Allen – Gravitational Waves

11)    Shuangnan Zhang – Status of MMA in China: TIBET shower array, Radio telescopes, HXMT and SVOM

12)    Martin Ward PanSTARRS results

Evening Lectures:

1)    Leslie Sage – Life with Nature

2)    Ralph Wijers - How not to give a talk

3)   Stephen Murray - X-ray Surveys: Past, Present and Future

4)   Stephen Murray - How to write a successful proposal

2. Mini-Workshop Themes:

a.    Particle Acceleration Mechanisms

b.    High Energy Sources: PSRs, SNR, SNe, GRBs, AGN

c.    Wide-field Astronomy: Transients


IHEP, Beijing, China